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Today is a two-for-one kind of day. Not only are you getting two posts, but I have two things to talk about in the A to Z Challenge so get ready to go back to a simpler time where big perms were actually fashionable and Atari was considered high-tech. Today’s post features the letter….

F is for Frogger. Playing this game was practically a requirement of being a kid in the early to mid 80s. If you’ve never heard of it, your character in the game was a frog. Your job was to get him to his destination without turning him into road kill. Yes, we did actually consider this an example of good graphics:

F is also for Firestarter. As in the movie featuring a pre-rehab and pre-comeback Drew Barrymore. Based on the Stephen King book, Drew played a young girl with the ability to set things on fire with her mind. Her father also has a unique gift and the two are eventually targeted by shady people who want to use their powers for less-than-kosher purposes. It’s a great story and little Drew nailed her part.

Freaky, huh? If you haven’t seen it yet, go rent it! It’s very entertaining. So did you play Frogger or love Firestarter as a kid? Have another old favorite? Comment back and let’s chat about it. Til next time….