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Good morning! If you stopped by for the A to Z Challenge check this link where i give you two nostalgic musings for the price of one! Before you do, if you’ve been following my web calendar, you know that I am a Novel Publicity tour host and today I’m scheduled to talk about a book called Generation by William Knight. You can read a description and buy it at the link below.

Fair warning. I am NOT a math and science-minded person at all. In fact, I pretty much can’t stand coming anywhere near a Doctor’s office and refused to have anything to do with dissection in school. So what does this mean to you? Well, it means that I am at a bit of a disadvantage as I can’t speak to the accuracy or plausibility of the medical/scientific stuff.  Just sayin’.

What I can talk about is what I thought of the story as a whole and the journalism stuff. As you’ve seen from the description the book centers on British writer Hendrix Harrison, who works at a rag full of psuedo-science and conspiracy theories. I’m talking “Big Foot’s Been Sighted” or “Elvis is Alive” kind of stories, although they do publish the occasional “respectable” piece. Hendrix ends up getting dragged into what is possibly one of the biggest (and most scandalous) stories involving a pharmaceutical company ever. The only problem is, the Doctor (Sarah Wallace) he wants to speak to won’t have anything to do with him and his boss is on him constantly about tweeting thanks to a new social-media savvy owner.

Knight does a great job of portraying work place and academic politics. In fact, it’s so dead on in some ways, it’s depressing to think about as you watch Harrison get canned by a publisher who would rather bury an important story than face a team of lawyers. You feel Sarah’s frustration as she attempts to figure out what’s going on after having the university tie her hands. The book also poses some great questions about scientific breakthroughs. When is the price too high? Are there some things we shouldn’t do, even though we can? I couldn’t help but be drawn into the very disturbing story Mr. Harrison uncovers and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. This one might not be for everyone (especially if you’re squeamish) but I liked it. I’d definitely be interested in reading more of Mr. Knight’s work.

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William Knight is a British born journalist and technologist currently living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. He’s chased a varying career starting in acting, progressing to music, enjoyed a brief flirtation with handbag manufacturing and was eventually wired into technology where he’s been since 1989. In 2003 he published his first feature in Computing magazine and has since written about the many successes and failings of high-tech for the Guardian, Financial Times and the BBC among many others publications. He continues to maintain a lively IT consultancy. Connect with William on his website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or GoodReads.