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Another day, another nostalgia trip as part of the A to Z challenge! I hope you’ve been stopping by the A to Z site to check out some of the other awesome bloggers participating. Today, I give you something that is actually supposed to be making a comeback soon. Gotta love the remake trend, huh?

G is for Garbage Pail Kids. As girly and squeamish as I can be, I couldn’t help but love these cards. I had a bunch of them that I proudly displayed next to the Cabbage Patch Kids they were such obvious rip-offs of. As gross as they were, they actually became almost as big a trend as the dolls they mocked. There was even a movie made. I remember sitting outside and going through these cards with my friends and having a great time while laughing over the ridiculous names and gross pictures. Anyone remember the uproar over these cards? Did you have a favorite “kid”? Comment back and let’s talk about it!

I leave you today with a video I found of someone talking about their collection: