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So, week two of the A to Z challenge has begun. To mark this occasion, I’m taking you back twice. If you’re here because of The Voice, join me tonight on my Facebook Page for thoughts on last week as well as live commentary of week two  of the live rounds. Tonight is Team Cee Lo vs. Team Adam. Now, on with the Nostalgia!

H is for Heathcliff. As in the trouble-making cartoon kitty. Now, I liked Garfield and all but Heathcliff had him beat all the way. Why? For a few reasons. He was tough, used to hanging out with the street cats. He also didn’t have a crippling addiction to lasagna and, despite being about as big as Garfield, was more physically fit. While Garfield’s favorite activity was sleeping, Heathcliff was more active. I remember spending many afternoons watching this show on one of the local channels after school. Seeing this is like stepping back in time:

H is also for Hungry, Hungry Hippos. I haven’t played this game in years, but I remember it so clearly. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, the game had four different colored hippos surrounding the game board that you would use to catch white marbles. Little black levers on the back of the hippos would be used to extend their heads across the game board with the object being to catch the most marbles. The game could get crazy (and loud); especially when you’re competitive like me.

So which fat orange cat was your favorite? Did you fight for that last white marble or have something entirely different for your “h”? Comment and let’s chat about it!