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I’m here once again to bring you some blasts from the pasts as part of the A to Z Challenge. As soon as this is done, I will be compiling my live reactions to The Voice into a new note on my facebook page so be sure to check it out and don’t forget tonight’s elimination episode! I’ll be posting away on the page during it, so come join me and let’s chat! Now, on with the post….

This tape saved my sanity on that trip. Seriously.

I is for “I Think We’re Alone Now”. I admit that, while I’m a huge fan of Tiffany these days, I was a much bigger Debbie fan back then. Still, her  music was fun and that song was probably one of my favorites. I remember taking this tape and a few others with me on a trip to Alabama. I’d put em in to escape “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx, which would NOT stop playing on the radio. Seriously. Anyway, once we go to the home of the friends we were visiting, I remember us kids running around and singing this (when we weren’t busy making up a dance routine for it). Speaking of old favorites, I have another two-for-one for you. I can’t help it; there is too much awesome nostalgia out there to just pick one for each. Am I right or what? Anyway… I is also for “In Your Room” by the Bangles. It was one of my favorites on their Everything album. That was another song and tape I nearly wore out dancing to and singing along with it. Ah, the good ole days of practically never-ending energy. What ever happened to that? I could use some.

So there you have it. A couple more old favorites. What were some of your “I” must-haves back in the day? Comment back and let’s chat about it. See ya next time!