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Once again, it is time to have some nostalgic fun with the A to Z challenge. If you’re looking for talk about The Voice, stop by my FB page to get the scoop on what happened last night (it’s in my notes). I’ll also be hosting a fun musician named Aoede there on the 14 at 4 PM PST, followed by a twitter chat using the hashtag #aoedeskeletons so please drop by and chat with her, learn what she’s all about and maybe win a prize! Now, on with the challenge 🙂

Ok, today’s post is about some shameless crushing cause J is for “Joey”. As in Joey Mac of the NKOTB and Joey Lawrence from Blossom. What can I say? They were talented, cute and very few teen girls at the time could disagree. I have mostly grown to appreciate Joey Mac more since his solo comeback but he was second in line back in the day. As for Joey Lawrence… second to none. He was his own act as a singer and (at the time) the far superior vocalist. His music was pure cheese, but hey- what’s wrong with that? So who were some of your favorite crushes? What “J” made your childhood? Comment back and let’s chat….

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