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Once again, it is time to have some nostalgic fun with the A to Z challenge. If you’re looking for talk about The Voice, stop by my FB page to get the scoop on what happened. I’ll also be hosting a fun musician named Aoede there on the 14 at 4 PM PST, followed by a twitter chat using the hashtag #aoedeskeletons so please drop by and chat with her, learn what she’s all about and maybe win a prize! Now, let’s go back, way back to 1984.

K is for Kids, Incorporated. Those Disney people didn’t mess around back in the day. This show about a bunch of kids who have a cover band was pure 80s fun and produced some great acts. I happen to have bought most of their stuff….

Pop Gold. Seriously.

I personally feel the cast when Ryan Lambert first came on was the strongest. They had amazing voices and each cast seemed to get a bit weaker. This was especially true once the last original cast member (Stacy) left. I used to sing along with them and wish that I could do something like that. It just seemed like so much fun. So what do you all think? Are you fans of the Kids as well? Did some other “K” help define your childhood? Comment back and let’s chat about it!