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Once again, it is time to have some nostalgic fun with the A to Z challenge. If you’re looking for talk about The Voice, stop by my FB page to get the scoop on what happened. I’ll also be hosting a fun musician named Aoede there on the 14 at 4 PM PST, followed by a twitter chat using the hashtag #aoedeskeletons so please drop by and chat with her, learn what she’s all about and maybe win a prize! So what is my pick for today?

Today’s letter is L and L is for Like a Prayer. Madonna back then was one of my favorite artists and to this day I think this was her best album. So many songs on this were pop classics and who couldn’t like the many different videos from that album? Here is my top 5 from it in no particular order.

1) Like a Prayer. First cause it is, obviously, the title track and I think that if I had to pick one song only this might be it.

2) Cherish. So sweet and fun. I have heard few pop songs that make me smile as much as this one.

3) Oh Father. Such a beautiful and haunting song. The lyrics were emotional and so well written.

4) Keep It Together. Another really fun song with a great message behind it.

5) Dear Jessie. This is such an odd song but so beautiful and so cheerful. It’s almost like a nursery rhyme.