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Good morning 🙂 I’m here to give you yet another trip down memory lane as part of the A to Z Challenge. If you haven’t done so yet, please drop by the page and check out the other great bloggers participating in the challenge. Some people are chosing to do themes like I did. Cherie, for example, is spotlighting writers based on their name each day during the challenge. So what is today’s topic? Read on…

M is for Miami Sound Machine. As a native of South Florida, I am practically bound by law to like them and Gloria. Just kidding. Sort of. Gloria is one of Miami’s better known and loved residents and has done plenty to give back to the community her band was named for. I loved their fun sound, her vocals and I think there are very few artists who define the decade (and Miami) as well as this band and their songs. Since I rated songs from Madonna’s Like a Prayer yesterday, I think the band should get a top 5 as well. Here are mine, in no special order:

1) Conga. Go on.. I dare you not to dance when this comes on.

2) Anything For You. Such sad lyrics with emotional vocals to boot.

3) Coming Out of the Dark. This is technically after the albums were billed only as Gloria Estefan but I can’t leave this one out. I still remember watching her perform this on an awards show following her accident, thrilled to see her back on a stage.

4) Get On Your Feet. Such an up-beat song and with a great message.

5) 1,2,3. Who knew counting could sound so good? Another one that dares you to get on the dance floor.

So what are your favorite songs from her and the Miami Sound Machine? Do you have a different “M”? Comment and let’s chat about it.