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If you are here for talk about the Voice, please check out my FB Note recapping all the action. I hope after you do, you’ll stay for more two-for-one nostalgia as part of the A to Z Challenge and check out the other great bloggers participating. You might discover a new book, cool writers or read some great fiction or poetry. There are no limits here. Also, I have a special guest today, Caron Rider, who is talking about literacy and the escape reading provides. So what’s today’s topic? Read on…

Weren't they cute little things?

P is for Popples. Like most toys in the 80s, these cute little things had a cartoon series as well. Here’s a full description of them from Wiki. There was nothing better than snuggling up with these soft creatures while watching their show and some of the other great Saturday morning cartoons. I’d love to give you a better picture of them, but this was the best I could do while going through old family photos for them…

P is also for Punky. Punky Brewster was a kid sitcom that told the story of a little girl abandoned by her mother. She ends up finding a home with a grumpy old apartment manager, slowly helping him learn to have a little fun. The series starred Soleil Moon Frye as Punky, a part she’s been known to embrace and even revisit:


I think what made this show so great despite the completely depressing premise was the fact Punky was so positive. She never let all the bad things she had to deal with get her down. In fact, obstacles just made her work that much harder to get what she was after while hanging on to her sense of humor. She knew she could do whatever it was and she was usually right.

So what are you favorite “P”s? Did you have “Punky Power”? Comment and let’s chat about it!