Good morning đŸ™‚ I’m here to give you yet another trip down memory lane as part of the A to Z Challenge. If you haven’t done so yet, please drop by the page and check out the other great bloggers participating in the challenge. Some people are chosing to do themes like I did. Cherie, for example, is spotlighting writers based on their name each day during the challenge. So what is today’s topic? Read on…

Q is for “Queen of the Night”. Ah, Whitney. As tainted as her legacy became her music (the Bodyguard soundtrack especially) were part of the soundtrack of my childhood and I think that song was one of the best. It was full of attitude and confidence. She had a bit of a grittier sound in it than what defined most of her work to that point and it was great to dance Check this video out and tell me you don’t wanna jump on a stage right now:

So did you love this one as much as I did? Have another “q” you wanna share? Comment and let’s talk about it!