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It’s time to go down memory lane as part of the A to Z Challenge. Make sure you visit my fellow bloggers and show em some love. They’re doing some great writing! So what is my topic for today? Read on…

My two favorite characters. Can you name them?

R is for Rainbow Brite. Another toy/cartoon tie-in, it focused on a young girl who ends up having power over rainbow land. She would help the other kids bring color to the world, especially after a long, dreary winter. Along the way, she’d have all kinds of adventures, like in the full-length movie while trying to foil the evil plans of Murky Dismal.

There seems to be a big them of girl power in some of these 80s shows, huh? Not a bad thing to try to instill in kids and they did it in that classic way only an 80s show could do. I seriously thing today’s kids are missing something when it comes to shows like these, even if they do have us beat by light years toy-wise.