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I’m going to bring you something a little different in the A to Z Challenge today. Today I’ll be focusing on something fashion-related. Before I do, I want to remind you to stop by and show some of the other A to Z bloggers so love. So what will I be talking about today?

S is for Slap bracelets. Yes, looking back, these things are kind of ridiculous. How many people get out of their childhoods without a few embarrassing fashion don’ts? If you don’t know what these are, check this out:

In case you can’t watch that (if you haven’t seen I Love the 90s yet, please check the listings on VH1), these bracelets were made of a special material that let you straighten them out. You would hit your wrist with the bracelet to put it on; the bracelet wrapping itself around your wrist. So what were some of your style must-haves back in the day? What would you pick for “S”? Comment and let’s talk about it.