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Another day, another post in the A to Z challenge. I can’t believe it’s almost over! Only 7 more days of nostalgia to go! It’s been hard to narrow things down some days, believe me! For those keeping track, today’s letter will be “T”.

T is for…. Teen Magazines. You name it, I subscribed to it! I was even part of the “16” magazine club at one point. My walls were filled with posters of the New Kids and other favorites taken from their pages.

Zappin' It To Ya....

The one thing that I remember most about them is how…. PC they all were. Everyone was all smiles on the covers while filling out surveys about their favorite colors. Nothing remotely threatening in here, thank you much! Usually, they would also hilariously staged-looking photos of the stars themselves reading the very magazine the picture appeared in. See?! Your idols are just. like. you. When you’re a kid, you totally buy into it all. It was a bunch of harmless fun though, and from what I can see at the grocery store, not much has changed. The idols of the day are still pictured all-smiles in squeaky-clean outfits gushing about what their dream date is. So did you enjoy these as much as I did? If so, let’s chat about it. Have something else for “T”? Share that too and check my 80s crush post for the infamous New Kids wall 🙂