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The countdown is on. Only three more days of the A to Z challenge to go and I am ready to share some more toy nostalgia. This one needs no real introduction:

X is for Xavier Roberts. Don’t know who he is? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

Yes, that’s right. The guy who signed all the Cabbage Patch Kids and their adoption papers! This was such a huge craze they inspired a line of obvious spoof cards and had people beating eachother up in stores just to get that last elusive kid. I loved these days and also had one of their pets as well, a horse. His name also appeared on a line of “newborns” that came out later on. Looking back, these dolls are pretty goofy looking, but they were a lot of fun to play with. It was kind of cool, too, to have these official looking papers calling yourself the adpoted parent of each doll.

Who else had one (or more) of these? I know you’re out there! Share your memories of these toys or your own personal choice for “X”. Til next time….