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Today’s A to Z Challenge post is about a television show. Let’s see if you can guess what it is- I’ll give you some clues. One- It was kind of gross. Two- The signature bit of this show ended up defining a network to this day. 3- It produced at least one major celebrity.

Give up? I’ll tell you. Y is for You Can’t Do That on Television. This Nick show had its origins in Canada and once included Alanis Morisette in its cast. The show starred a rotating cast of kids who would play out some gross (and some just plain twisted) comedy sketches. Providing an adult element to the show were three adult actors who would play various parts.

If you haven’t seen this show, you have been completely deprived! What other kid’s show had scenes set in a dungeon or standing in front of a firing squad? They would also pop out of lockers to tell each other lame jokes and play out “opposite sketches”. These would usually involve parents forcing the kids to each ice cream or teachers declaring no homework ever again…. whatever you wouldn’t normally have happen.

So what was your “Y”? Did you enjoy this show too? Comment and let’s chat about it.