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I want to thank everyone who stopped by during the A to Z challenge. I hope that you all enjoyed the theme and it brought back some fun memories. Now, it’s time to get back to business! Tonight is the night- we’re going to find out who will be the final four contestants on The Voice. In the meantime, here are my live reactions to what happened as the elite 8 performed…

Tony Lucca opens the night representing Team Adam with a version of “How Do You Like Me Now?” I love the grit to his voice and the confidence he exudes onstage. He’s really getting the crowd fired up and working this song. No one dimensional performing here!

Erin is performing next. I am SO torn. I love her but Tony is awesome too. This is going to be a rough final… She’s singing “Without You”. She’s got such a big, strong voice. You can’t help but sit up and take notice when she sings. I will say that, for pure entertainment value I think Tony was stronger.

Chris Mann is next for Team Christina and he’ll be singing Ave Maria. I love how people are changing it up tonight, he sounds his best doing this kind of music and it’s clear that’s where his heart is.

Jamar from Team Cee Lo just sang “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” and did an excellent job of it! He chose a more modern beat for it and really killed some of those notes. I totally agree with Blake that he showed a different side of himself with this one.

I’m liking team cee lo and adam performing together although I am spotting who the weak link in the group is right now. Their voices blend well together.

Team Blake is back with Jermaine singing “Open Arms”. I love this song and he’s doing great so far. I like the very simple beginning. He toned it down even more from the version I remember until the chorus… that’s when his voice really kicks in and knocks you out. Again- everyone is being so creative as far as changing up the arrangements to make it their own without making the songs unrecognizable.

Katrina of Team Adam is going to sing “Killing Me Softly”- YES! I’m really not happy about the choice that needs to be made on team Adam already but I love how strong those left standing are. Wow… she’s already starting off beautifully. So much soul and attitude in her voice and presence. One of my favorite songs and I think I may have to get both of team adam’s performances…

Lindsey of Team Christina is singing “Skinny Love”. She has such an interesting and vulnerable voice that can do so many different things. I like her harder side, but the toned down vocals worked well. She also did well with taking Christina’s notes, as Cee Lo pointed out.

Team Christina and Team Blake did a fun version of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”. Love how everyone sounds on this show when they come together.

Juliet is singing “It’s a Man’s World” tonight. I’m a bit surprised… I haven’t been enjoying her voice for the most part, but this song and arrangement is really working for her. Wonderful job- everyone is stepping it up tonight.