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Before I share my live reactions to the voice last night, I want to fill you in on a  couple of things. One, I have an awesome guest blogger today who shared her writing playlist with us while I talked muses on her blog (link to come).

Speaking of Muses, I’ll also be sharing some cool stuff about my book this week as well as reviews of the new Carrie Underwood and Alexz Johnson CDs. I’m also working on a few other music reviews so I hope you’ll enjoy them! And now… on with The Voice…

And Dia Frampton is opening the show with a song featuring Kid Cudi. I love her… she really grew into her voice throughout last season. Need to get her album!

Team Xtina is about to find out who will be the last one standing. She gave them a 50/50 split. America chose Chris.

Vicci is performing with Cee Lo and they just hit a great note together. I like the song and CP Bialois is clearly recognizing the chorus from some other song right now. He’s got that look on his face where he’s trying to figure out what song they sampled. He is usually annoying right about it.

Oh boy, here we go…. It’s decision time between Tony and Katrina. Adam gave Tony the edge with 60/40. America gave Tony their votes and he’s moving on to the final. I’m so torn but I think Tony will give Adam a great chance at a repeat win. Either way, I’m going to be following both their careers.

Bev and Cyndi are performing together- love it!! Cyndi seems to be having a problem with her earpiece, though. Their voices are a really interesting mix.

And last year’s winner, Javier, just performed. I have had issue with him since last year when he didn’t really follow his judge’s notes. Still don’t like how Jeff Jenkins was basically sold out to Javier the final spot for the team.

Blake gave Erin and Jermain a 50/50 spilt and America’s vote gave Jermaine the win. He’s going to the final. Congrats to them both on some great performances this season.

I am SO bummed right now…. Jamar Vs. Juliette got a 40/60 split with Ceelo, America gave her a big win. Seriously? Yes, her performance of “It’s a Man’s World” was amazing, but really- Jamar has been so much better and more consistent.

So there you have it- The Final Four. What do you think? Comment and let’s talk about it. In the meantime, enjoy my two favorite performances of the elite 8 round: