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I’ve been attending a writing group founded by author Bitten Twice lately and  brought an object to group that was made the basis of a writing prompt. We had to write 300 words or less on the picture below. This is what I came up with…

Photo by JamieBMusings

Brent Collins dreaded its arrival. Last December 31st, while others were joyfully ringing in a new year filled with unknown possibilities, he was at home preparing for the end of the world. People had been talking about the calendar that was set to end later that year and all the terrifying possibilities that brought. A very cautious man by nature, he couldn’t help but get caught up in the doom and gloom mentality and began preparing the best he could for whatever might come.

During the weeks and months that followed, he meticulously stockpiled all the essentials. Each grocery store trip would include a few extra canned items or an extra bottle of water. He’d pick up an extra set up batteries at the store one day or fill a small gas can while topping off his tank. He even made modifications to his basement at home and began storing each item there, out of sight from friends and family. They had seen and heard the same stories he did, but always laughed them off, calling anyone who believed these doomsday predictions crazy so he figured it was best not to call attention to himself. They’d see when the time came. He just hoped there would be time to help them.

As each day passed, his anxiety grew and he would up the number of supplies he bought until the long feared day came. He went down to the basement and settled in, praying and carefully following news reports on the radio and TV. He kept expecting the appliances to stop working or hear stories about natural disasters any second, his tension growing. He stayed up late into the night, finally falling asleep on the basement floor. When he woke the next morning, everything was the same. Life went on.