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So the final four performed last night and I’m here to give you a rundown of what happened. Don’t forget to tune in tonight to see who ends up walking away with the title. If you can’t catch it, I’ll have you covered tomorrow! Now, here are some live reactions from my facebook page:

Jermaine is starting it off with “I Believe I Can Fly”…. he’s sounding much better to me than the original artist. He’s so soulful and should’ve been a solo artist long ago.

Juliet is singing “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley next. She’s doing an ok job of it… her voice sounds less “rough” tonight, but I still don’t think its enough to beat the other singers in this competition after watching Jermaine and assuming the other two do as well as they usually do.

Chris and Xtina are going to sing together…. this should be interesting considering that Xtina just said she’s sick. Wow…. this performance is incredible! Their voices are blending perfectly and Xtina is so toned down vocally and costume wise. I’m surprised.

Wow… Tony is singing 99 Problems? Very interesting choice. I loved it! I think this song works so well with that little bit of a country vibe. I have to interject a little new commentary right here real quick. Now, I’m an Xtina fan; I love her voice and music. I’m really starting to wonder about her as a person though. She made sure after saying a couple of nice things about his performance to say how disrespectful the song is, especially with his wife and kid in the audience. Then, later on, she singled Chris out for being a “real man” that “treats women right”. These swipes at her former co-star are getting a bit much. She’s sounding petty now. 

Chris is singing again, performing “The Voice Within”. His vocals are so strong and it definitely worked with this song. I wonder if this is a bit of subliminal advertising though, LOL. Especially since he dragged out that last “the voice” in the song.

Cee Lo and Juliette have decided to duet on “Born to Be Wild” I love how Cee Lo is so diverse in his style! They sound pretty good together, but I wonder if rock is really her true sound.

Adam and Tony dueted on “Yesterday”. This is one of my favorite Beatles songs and I love what they did with it. I love how every coach is blending so well vocally with their team member.

Jermaine performed Blake’s “God Gave Me You” and I love this note he hit at the end! The entire song was great, too… he gave it a more soulful vibe and Blake seemed to be into it.

Chris is up again with “You Raise Me Up”. He is really making a case for himself tonight. I love his voice.

Blake is singing with Jermaine now, covering “Soul Man”. They are so much fun! I love it 🙂 Again, Jermaine does not need to be anyone’s background singer. Win or lose, this guy will get a deal.

Tony performed an energetic version of “Harder to Breathe”. I love how laid back he is on stage and how he owns the stage each time he steps out there to sing.

Juliette has chosen to sing Free Bird for her final performance. I think if she ends up winning this, America made the wrong choice. Based on what she is actually doing on here (not talking about what “It’s a Man’s World” showed she’s capable of) she doesn’t deserve the win.

So who am I actually endorsing to become The Voice? I go with Tony Lucca. To me, he’s been the most consistent performer and he owns the stage every time. What about you? Comment and let’s talk about it…