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After months of blind auditions, battles and some filler, we have a winner. One person was declared “The Voice” and you’re about to see who- after the recap 🙂 You didn’t think I was going to suffer alone did you?

Jermaine opened the show by bringing back a couple of my favorites to sing “I Want You Back” with him. Pip, Jamar and James harmonized with him and sounded really good. Even James did his solo bit well, although I still find his voice a bit weak. It’s great to see them all performing again and Jermaine hit some crazy notes in this song. Lots of fun to watch.

They had a silly montage of time filler featuring the Voice judges messing up and just acting silly on the set.

Flo Rida was on the show, performing with Juliette so I kind of tuned this one out. The bits I actually focused on, I wasn’t very impressed with so less said the better.

The next performer was Chris Mann and he chose to have Katrina and Lindsey join him for a rendition of “Bittersweet Symphony”. I detect a bit of a change to the music…. would this be because of the disupte years ago over the sample in it? Anyway, they did a pretty good job of it.So happy to see those two get chosen to come back!

Then we had a little bit on the Blake/Adam bromance with a cute quote from Xtina talking about how she’s merely an object in the way of them expressing their love for eachother.

I’m reminded of one of my more annoyed moments this season when Hall and Oates came on to perform “Rich Girl” with the male finalists. If you remeber, that was the song team Adam was going to do in one of the battle rounds until someone said they didn’t know the song, despite prior warning and a direction to go and learn it.

Cheesa, Naia, Kim and Sera all came on stage to d a version of Stevie Wonder’s “superstition” and I immediately felt as though I were watching a Divas Live concert. These girls can sing. That is all.

I skipped over one bit for sake of brevity that was sort forgettable before that. After the performance was a so-so Parks and Recreation Sketch where one of the actors (don’t know the show at all) asks Cee Lo to turn around while he sings. Cee Lo walks away as soon as the first line is sung.

Raelyn, Erin, Jamar (YES, another performance!) and Juliette come together for a version of “A Little Help From My Friends” (otherwise known as the theme from the Wonder Years). The first line is ironically sung by Juliette and Erin/Jamar kill their bits in the best way. Jamar should’ve still been in this at least. Raelyn hit a really nice note at the end. I think someone could really help her tone her instrument down and make it into something great.

A little Purrrfect the Cat skit in which not everyone agrees with that name followed. Blake in particular does not like him, Christina thinks he’s actually the mastermind of team Team Cee Lo.

Lady A was on the show and I love them! They performed what I assume will be a new single “I Guess I wanted You More”. I like the song and they sounded great, just as good as the recorded version. For the the sake of wrapping this up sometime this year, I will tell you that Tony brought Jordis back to sing “Go You Own Way” (nice!) and Bieber came back as was teased about a million times during the episode. And now…. the placements (I’ll let you see it straight from The Voice’s Youtube Channel):

4) Chris Mann- eh
3) Tony Lucca- 😦
2) Juliette- ?
1) Jermiane- If it wasn’t Tony, I’m thrilled it was him. Just wish Lucca had placed even one spot higher.

So there you have it- The Voice Finale. What do you think? Comment and let’s talk about it!