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I was going to talk about the awesomeness that was the last episodes ever of Desperate Housewives today. Thing is, I noticed something on my twitter feed that i felt was a way more pressing topic today- Copyright. Is there a point where it goes too far? Take these two examples and see what you think.

The first case had to do with a novel called “Fighting Gravity” by Leah Petersen. Initially, the lawyer for a group with the same name issued a cease and desist letter. This one had a good ending. Writers and fans of her books took to the group’s Facebook page to protest the letter. Shortly after, Leah received an assurance that she will be getting an official retraction of that cease and desist order from their lawyers and the group wished her the best. (Edited to add: Apparently this situation may not be getting wrapped up as nice and neat as originally thought. Will be following and updating any additional news as it comes out.)

Now, there’s another writer dealing with a similar situation. Apparently a certain British singer’s record label has sent a cease and desist letter to an author named Adele Dubois. Ms. Dubois has been writing under this (her legal, given name) for years and most certainly had the name first. No word yet on any potential resolution but I will definitely be talking about it when that time comes.

I understand that companies have a right (and an obligation) to protect their work. Still, I feel like these two cases are a bit much and it smacks of picking on the little guy. It’s not too big of a stretch to believe actions like these are part of why so many people automatically think of huge corporations as the enemy. Thanks to fans quick action, Leah’s situation was resolved easily and favorably to her. I hope for a similar resolution here as well. Best of luck to her.