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Wow, what a week! A great review went up on Amazon for my first book, The Life and Times of No One in Particular. Also, I won two more yesterday and got another blog feature. It was also announced that I’ll be taking part in a radio show with Michelle Cornwell-Jordan of Indie Writer Review this summer. I’m still geeking out about it all! I’ll be writing all about that stuff here. For now, let’s get into some of the Pop Culture stuff that caught my attention this week.

With the end of Desperate Housewives and The Voice signing off til Spring, I’m finding myself in need of some TV stuff to geek out about. Thankfully, there is Duets. The show premieres tomorrow and I can’t wait to see a few favorites mentor and perform with undiscovered talent. I think will also be trying to use this time to catch up on Keifer Sutherland’s Touch. Anything you’re looking forward to? Share it in the comments!

This week also had a couple of sad moments. It was announced that both Robin Gibb and Donna Summer had passed away this past week due to various Cancers. So sad to see talent leave too early. Here are a couple of clips for you…

Couldn’t find an official page version from The Bee Gees, but they were such great writers people couldn’t help but want to cover their material. Just goes to show their influence.

This is one of her more recent songs, from 2008. Never heard it until now but it shows her voice was just as good as back in the day.

Some good news to come out in the past week or so is the announcement that Tim McGraw has a new home for his music. I’ve been following the dispute with Curb since it started and am happy to see he’s able to move forward now. Especially with a label like Big Machine that is doing some great things for its artists. Now more new music can come out instead of an endless parade of Greatest Hits packages.

Finally, the Billboard awards were aired this week and not only cemented some respect for Pink but showed me just how scary fandoms can be. Pink posted several tweets about lip syncing during the show and I couldn’t agree more with her anti-syncing stance. To all the tweeters out there attacking her, watch a performance DVD. The girl goes above and beyond while singing live. The scary part was when a model expressed similar thoughts about Brown and received death threats in return. Seriously, guys- get a grip. It’s just an opinion about entertainment. I doubt Chris Brown’s at home crying over his piles of cash about it. Just saying.

So there you have it: My week in writing and pop culture. Did you have a favorite BeeGees or Donna Summer tune? What do you think about the great lip-sync debate? Comment and let’s chat about it!