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I’m so sad right now. As you all may know, I am a huge fan of Desperate Housewives and Mrs. McCluskey. Well, the news broke today, that she’s passed away after her long battle with Cancer. I pray she had a gentle passing to whatever comes next.

Her story has been such an inspiration to me and I have so much respect for her. To start her career as late as she did and to reach the success she did is remarkable. I also greatly respect her great attitude as she battled her illness and the sense of humor she showed through it all. I also love how she was determined to chip away at the stigma surrounding her disease; to get the fact that it can happen to anyone, smoker or not and no one is deserving of it. I also can’t help but admire the courage it must have taken to play out McCluskey’s battle with the disease on camera and eventual demise, given how soon she passed following the end of filming.

I leave you with a clip from one of her speaking engagements: