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I just got back from a great afternoon out and decided to browse the internet to see what’s up. One of my favorite blogs to read is the AOL music blogs and, no surprise, I ended up coming across some great posts. Here are a couple of them…

Here’s an article that asks “What is Country Music“? I haven’t really thought too much about it, personally. To me, good music is good music, regardless of what genre it’s classified as. I like some of the really traditional stuff as well as the newer style and think they both have their place. What about you guys?

Then, there was this article with the awesome news that Joey+Rory will be releasing a new album called “His and Hers”. They are one of my favorite duos and their second album was incredible. I really need to pull it out again and maybe review it; the lyrics are so fun and playful. Here’s one of my favorite songs of theirs, off the debut album: