Something a little different again today. I somehow missed this one and am sorry I did. It’s a very unique idea for a blogfest and brings awareness to people with serious issues through entertaining stories. How can you go wrong?

Welcome to My Magick Theatre

Today, 4 June, is the Giving Voice Blogfest, hosted by Madeleine Maddocks of Scribble and Edit. Participants will post stories of no more than 400 words, about a character who has problems communicating, for reasons such as stroke, Deafness, autism, stuttering, et al.

I decided to use my Deaf character Clarissa Kevorkian, in a scene not yet written in my handwritten magnum opus Cinnimin. Clarissa and her relatively new boyfriend Jeremiah Brandt (whom she’s had a crush on since childhood) have recently gotten their master’s degrees and moved to Israel to join two of Clarissa’s cousins on a kibbutz in Haifa. But before they start kibbutz life, they stay at a hostel in the Old City of Jerusalem, and Clarissa becomes very upset about something. The year is 2008 or 2009, and the story is 391 words.


One of the nuns came in when she heard…

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