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I was browsing The Boot today and came across this article talking about Carrie Underwood’s new single, Blown Away. A video shall be coming out soon and they have a preview included in the article. I have to say that this looks like it could be one of her more elaborate videos yet. What do you guys think?

As an added bonus today, I thought I’d share a clip from Carrie’s Vevo page in which she discusses hearing the song for the first time and what she thought of it.

Also wanted to give you guys a few updates real quick. I’ve started doing theme days on my Facebook page and today’s is “Trivia Tuesday”. Stop by and see if you know the answer to this week’s question.

Also, I have started swapping book features. You can see my first one by checking the top left of the screen. Thanks to Write More Publishing for the feature. If you’d like to be featured after this book’s week is up, contact me at jamiebmusings@gmail.com.

Finally, I have changed the look and layout of my author website and updated the blog. I’ll be writing about my Camp NaNo progress, my experience with the 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge (scroll down for the link in my sidebar) and anything else related to my writing. I hope you’ll all enjoy it 🙂 See ya next time!