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So, as you may know that I released a book recently. It’s a biography-style book that follows a Muse through the ages. I hope you’ll drop by Amazon.com this weekend and pick it up, because it’s being offered for free! 🙂 Here’s a trailer I made for it…

I promised you a little news as well, so I wanted to mention a couple of articles from The Boot, AOL’s country music blog. The first one talks about Raelynn and Miranda Lambert’s new friendship and musical partnership. As you might remember, the young country singer was on Team Blake this past season and I can see why Lambert has taken to her. She’s practically Miranda’s mini-me! The article shares a performance of a new song called “Lie” , co-written by the pair. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of her voice on the show, I do think this video is pretty good. I think Raelynn may have finally toned down some of the quirkiness and found her true sound. I guess we’ll see…

Also in the news is Carrie Underwood’s support of gay marriage. Apparently, her comments are getting her some backlash. I’m not surprised (some of her fan base is extremely conservative and it’s an issue filled with strong feelings on both sides), but I am a bit disappointed. I agree with her stance and think that it’s sad a person can’t express their own opinion without getting venom thrown at them. I have a feeling Carrie will be just fine, though, and applaud her for standing up for what she believes in.

Finally, check my author site for new blog schedule updates and some blog posts coming, including a new radio show I’m taking part in. Very excited about this!