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Any Fiona Apple fans out there? If you were a music fan back in the late 90s, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for her. Years after the release of “Extraordinary Machine”, Apple has returned with another disc with another long, crazy title (remember she set a record for longest album title for “When the Pawn?”). Read all about it and sample tracks here.

After listening to the samples, I have to say that I think her voice has grown a bit stronger over the years. I like how she’s adding a bit of a jazzy style to her vocals mixed with some deep, growling lines. A lot of the music isn’t too much of a departure from her first few releases, but I do think there’s a slight bit more dissonance in the vocals and instrumentals.

To help mark the release, I wanna share a couple of my favorite tracks by her:

I think these two illustrate wonderfully how diverse her vocals are. She can go from a hard sound to a very sweet one effortlessly. What do you think of the previews? Do you have a favorite song by her? Comment and let’s talk about it…