Wanted to share this review/feature by Michelle-Cornwell Jordan who has become a good buddy of mine. It’s for a new release called “Enchantment”, and I adore this cover! So well done 🙂 If you decide to check this out, I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

If you want more indie chat, be sure to join us on the radio! I’ll post the link to the site tomorrow (Friday). Michelle’s on her own for the show coming up this week, but I’ll be with her after that talking about music and who knows what else might come up?


Happy Tuesday everyone:) Today I am excited to feature a review of Author Lawna Mackie’s Enchantment from Muse It Up publishing! So check it out:)

Isn’t this an INCREDIBLE cover! Wow:)


Okay, I will say, this book is awesome! It has everything, fantasy, magic, an extremely hot guy, kitchen  appliances, where you simply speak…”off” or “on”… and it  also happens; there is an extremely protective, kick butt cat guardian:)

Now, I will start from the beginning. Meeka, is a young woman whose life isn’t what she would like; both her parents have a drinking problems,and for years she has been torn between caring for them, and wanting to escape the ensuring drama that always happens in their midst.

After the last communication with her parents, where it seemed, yet again her parents wanted something from her….not extending love as parents should, but needing something, using her…Meeka, basically tells them to leave her…

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