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So, I have been following this youtube channel for Melina Pendulum. She’s a reviewer who talks about movies, books and other stuff and I love so much of what she has to say. She also does some random videos about controversial topics. Anyway, I was browsing my subscriptions when I came across this video and wanted to talk about it.

Who else remembers this show and TGIF line-up in general? I loved this show way back when and agree with so many of the thoughts she shares about it. I think Shawn’s episodes were my favorites because he, as she said, was the depth of the show. He added a little bit of drama to it and made it a little more than just another goofy kid show.

I love, also, how she talks about the inconsistencies of the series (especially early on) and this is inspiring me to write about some of the problems like this is other shows. So what do you guys think? Were you a fan of this one? What shows did you love from the TGIF years? Comment and let’s talk about it…

Before I leave for the day, I did promise a link to the radio show I will be participating in this summer. It’s hosted by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan and you can listen to it here. She did a show this week and I will be joining her starting the 30th. Check her out and get introduced to some cool indie music!