I didn’t really have any problems with this movie, but it is an interesting perspective and she brings up some good points. I actually enjoyed seeing Anakin as a enthusiastic, heroic child. It shows just how easily circumstances can inspire drastic changes in us. I wrote a piece about this and how Anakin is a wonderful example of a modern tragic hero. Link to come shortly.. What do you all think of The Phantom Menace? Great movie or Mistake?

Fabulous Realms

It’s rare to find a film as famous, yet universally hated, as 1999’s The Phantom Menace. Even now, the mere mention of the film is enough to attract derision from critics and something akin to pure hate from fans of the original Star Wars trilogy. Why has it attracted so much criticism, and is this justified? Can anything good be said about Star Wars: Episode One? Well, since I always like to at least start my posts by saying something positive, let’s look at ‘The Light Side’. First off there was the trailer, which seemed to promise everything that we ever craved from a new Star Wars film (it’s a shame they had to blow it by adding 132 minutes of padding!). Then there are the backdrops – the grandeur of Theed and the Art Deco wonder of Coruscant. There is the CGI in the first journey to…

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