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I’m b ringing you something really different today. I’ll be reviewing a children’s book by one of my buddies who has also become one of my favorite new authors. If you have a kid who is an early reader, I highly recommend it…

Davey the DetectiveDavey the Detective by Emlyn Chand

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emlyn Chand is back with a new series for a much different audience than her Farsighted books. The second in a series called “Bird Brain Books”, Chand strives to entertain and teach children lessons using her favorite animals: birds.

This book, the second in this initial trilogy, introduces us to Davey. Enamored of Sherlock Holmes after seeing some pages of the classic books, he decides to play detective when a prized treasure goes missing.

With his friend Sarah by his side, he travels the neighborhood he lives in to question a variety of creatures over the disappearance of his treasure.

Written in a light, engaging tone with beautiful illustrations, this is sure to be a hit with early readers.

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