I love this blog post and think it brings up some great points. My personal feeling on this is, if you are going to commit such a horrible act because you saw it on TV or read about it in a book, you obviously have much more serious issues that need to be dealt with. In the article he links to, it states that the kid in question had mental issues and had been bullied.

How far are we going to go with this? Will we stop letting people read anything other than children’s books preaching morals to make sure no one could get bad ideas or, worse yet, stop putting books out at all? The actions of these kids are horrible and are far more complicated than this and I think that sometimes, we’re just trying to take the easy way out. What do you guys think? Comment below and let’s chat about it…


(Originally posted 4th July 2012)

I read an article today about Stephen King’s Rage not being available to buy in bookshops as a result of it having influenced several teenagers to execute copycat crimes and murder innocent teachers and classmates. King himself asked for the book to be removed from print, and is apparently happy that he did so.

The article is here for anybody that would like to have a read.

It raises some pertinent questions for authors, and especially self-published authors. Self-publishing for Kindle brings with it varying degrees of responsibility. Age-old criticisms about quality of self-published author’s work, and newer criticisms of formatting for Kindle (et al) heap pressure on self-published authors, many of whom must find time not only to write, but to market their work (which in itself could be a full-time occupation) plus raise families, run homes and, in my case, work a regular…

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