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So, today’s question is about what’s on your shelves and what you’re reading right now. Let’s start with what’s on my bookshelf…

As you can see there’s a variety of books in this house… and this is just a small sampling of what’s there! The Pike books are my absolute favorites. I can read them over and over again and not get bored. They’re perfect for when I need some light reading that won’t take forever to get through. This article I wrote back when I first started getting into online writing pretty much sums up one of the things I love about his stories- the way he puts his own twist on things from religion, mythology and history.

So what am I reading now? Kick Ass by one of my new favorite authors, Carl Hiaason. He’s a columnist here who also writes fiction books as well. The movie Striptease was based on his book of the same name. Kick Ass is a selection of columns he wrote for The Miami Herald that look at life in South Florida. It’s definitely an insightful read. Stay tuned for a review on The Examiner as soon as I finish it.

So what’s on your shelves? Are you reading anything interesting right now? Comment and let’s chat about it!