So, today the blogfest wants to know who your favorite authors are and why. I mentioned one last time when I linked to my Christopher Pike article. To add to that, I love the sarcastic and twisted sense of humor he displays in his work. His characters are usually funny and there are some interesting twists in his work. More than once he has allowed the main character to die; which always shocked me during that initial read.

Currently, I’m reading a bunch of books by Indie authors and enjoying what’s out there. My favorites include Mark Stone, Rebecca Hamilton and Marni Mann. I love the humor of Stone’s work, the uniqueness of Hamilton’s and the darkness/emotion in Mann’s. I’m currently looking forward to reading new releases by all of them.

So who is your favorite? Comment and let’s chat about it! I want to leave you with a video. It’s a song by Fergie and, fittingly, was written about her personal struggle with Heroin addiction. This was a huge part of Mann’s book: