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Today, I want to talk about a book by a twitter buddy of mine. It’s titled Scars From a Memoir, the follow-up to Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales. I will be including some huge spoilers in this so please do not go beyond the cut if you prefer your review vague and spoiler-free!

In Marni Mann’s Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales, we were introduced to Nicole Brown. Reeling from a traumatic college experience, Brown ends up addicted to heroin and supporting her habit by selling her body, moving from one motel room to another. Her addiction had her sleeping on park benches and led to more trouble than she ever could have imagined when she took that first taste.

This second book follows Nicole as she attempts to pick up the pieces of her life. She ends up in a sober living facility and trying hard to repair the damage the events of Memoirs did to her relationship with her parents. She also tries her hand at a relationship again, against the advice of conventional rehab wisdom. I must say that Mann has done a beautiful job over the course of these books portraying addiction and the toll it takes on an addict and their loved ones. She takes us to the lowest of lows and pulls no punches in showing the temptation that eats away at Nicole as she struggles to keep on the right path. I found myself alternating between cheering her on and cursing her out as she stumbled through the process, eager to see how her story would turn out.

Still with me? Good. This book takes you on an emotional roller coaster; much like an addict does to their loved ones. You experience pride as Nicole stays strong and calls for help rather than give in to temptation after being betrayed by the man she thought was the right one. You feel shock and pity when someone from her past has her kidnapped and force-fed heroin and happiness when she manages to get herself out of that situation. Finally, the book takes you to disbelief as you see what Nicole’s ultimate fate is. I highly recommend this book for adult audiences and encourage parents to keep an eye out for the upcoming YA versions.