I love this series of blog posts, but I’m sad to say I don’t know much about the songs listed here. After reading this, I’ll definitely be checking these out.

Is there any artist whose music you haven’t had a chance to explore yet and want to? Comment and let’s talk about it 🙂

The Monstrum Chronicles

First, I apologize again that this blog was not up for Monday. Two, today is my birthday. I really wanted to share with you my favorite musician on this day because her music really means a lot to me in terms of what I write and what feelings I try to evoke with my work. When I discovered Imogen Heap, I didn’t really get a clear taste of what her music was. I’d only heard the one song (Hide and Seek) and though I loved it, I wasn’t able to hunt down the rest of her music then. It was only when her later album Ellipse came out that I finally saw the light. Whilst rooting around on youtube (which I often do), I found the music video for the song “Canvas”. Intrigued by the thumbnail, I clicked on it. And folks, I was blown away. I’m a true Imogen…

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