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The Voice is returning to NBC tonight with the first of three straight nights of blind auditions. I’m really looking forward to it, the show has featured some awesome vocalists over its previous two seasons.

Like last season, I will be posting my thoughts here and hopefully will not have the urge to yell at people as the season goes on. I think it’s really interesting, though, watching how people are already aligned with a certain “team”. I personally don’t root for any one team until I see what kind of team they’ve built up. I feel as though Ceelo has, sadly, put together some of the weaker teams over the past couple of seasons. Erin anyone?

Coaching-wise, I think that Christina and Blake are the best. They seem to really know how to pick songs for their teams and push them to be better. I love how Christina is so willing to take chances with some really out there song choices while Blake pushes his team with songs that completely take them out of their comfort zones. It usually leads to several weeks of disasters, but he does manage to show who can rise to the occasion.

As for Adam, well… Christina said it best when she called him a used car salesman. He seems to be the real schemer of the bunch, sometimes sacrificing the more talented artist for the one he feels will be most marketable or he’s connected with the most.

What do you guys think? Are you on a team yet? Do you have your own take on the judges? Comment and let’s chat about it. I leave you today with a preview of the new season: