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I am a huge Pink fan, so I was really looking forward to hearing her new music. In The Truth About Love, the singer tackles this subject from a few different angles. Her lyrics are, as usual, great and I think she shows some growth as a singer. She’s not exactly reinventing herself here, but she offers a little bit of a twist to her normal sound on quite a few of the songs. Here are my favorites.

“Where did the beat go?” This song has a very interesting, mid-east sounding beat to it. I like how it goes from slow and drawn out to a faster pace in the chorus.

“Walk of Shame” Pink shows her sense of humor in this uptempo track about a girl who promises she’ll never do the walk of shame again.

“How Come You’re Not Here?” This song has a slower, electronic beat that speeds up for the chorus. I like the distortion in her voice here, you hear a lot of anger in it.

“Beam Me Up” If you get one song from this CD, make it this one. Seriously… go download it now; I’ll wait 🙂 This is one of the softest, simplest songs on the CD. Pink’s vocal’s are understated and filled with sadness as she sings about being tired of fighting. I was on the verge of tears while listening.

“Great Escape”  A slow, piano-based track about how passion and pain keep us alive. A nice, simple arrangement.

“Truth About Love” This one has a 60s sound. Kind of reminds me of the beach boys (especially the background vocals). I love the lyrics as well.

“True Love” Once again, Pink shows a bit of a sense of humor along with the truth in this mid-tempo track. She sings about how if you’re ready to strangle someone, it must be true love.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out Pink’s official Vevo page where she is allowing fans to try her new songs for themselves before buying through a series of lyric videos.