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I’ve been so focused on the books lately, that I’ve neglected the music a little 😦 In my quest to make up for that, I bring you some of my thoughts on Carrie’s latest CD. I’ve arranged the songs in order of my favorites:

Good Girl- One of my favorites. Too fun and full of attitude. In it, Carrie takes on the role similar to the one in Cowboy Casanova. She plays the girl who’s been involved with the wrong guy before and is trying to give advice to another.

I think for this next one, I’ll let Carrie do the talking…

Wine After Whisky- This is a really soft song that adds some steel guitar. I love Carrie’s vocals here, she sounds amazing when she goes into her upper register and keeps it understated. This song is about not being able to let go of someone in your mind, even though you know you should. It has one of my favorite lines: Once upon a time, our world was on fire and I loved to watch it burn.

Two Black Cadillacs- What’s a Carrie Underwood album without a revenge anthem? In this one, two women find out they’re being wronged by the same man and run him down, they share a smile and walk away. It’s a fast-paced track with some great lines in it.

Cupid’s Got a Shotgun- This is a really twangy song with a fun story. The lyrics tell of a girl so stubborn that cupid has to give up on the more subtle bow and arrow, using a shotgun instead. The ending of this makes the song… check it out 

There’s Good in Goodbye- A guitar and drum driven ballad about being grateful for a relationship, despite how it ended. Carrie sings beautifully, saying “thank God I didn’t get what I thought I deserved.”

Leave Love Alone- This is one of the more “country” tracks on the CD. It tells the story of a girl who can’t ‘leave love alone’ no matter how many times she’s been burned.

See You Again- I like the tempo and how Carrie, once again, keeps her vocals relatively understated. It’s a song about having faith that you’ll see someone again one day. I noticed what sounded like a sample of “Come the night”

Nobody Ever Told You- Carrie once again keeps the lyrics simple in a mid-tempo song. The melody reminds me a little bit of that Jessica Simpson song, “With You”. It has a great, positive message about not judging yourself by what you see on TV or in magazines.

Do You Ever Think About Me- This sounds like a really slow Keith Urban song. In it, Carrie sings about wondering if someone she hasn’t seen in a long time thinks about her and if she’s doing okay.

One Way Ticket- A reggae-influenced track about getting away from it all.

Thank God For Hometowns- A nice enough song about a girl reflecting on the wonders of a small town. It’s a slow number with a lot of piano and drum in it.

Forever Changed- I think the lyrics are really lacking, but Carrie’s vocals are great against the simple piano arrangement. I think the best part, lyrically, is the last verse.

Who Are You- You can definitely see the Mutt Lange influence. I can easily see Shania singing this one, although I’d think a Shania version would have slightly different instrumentation. I like the call and response moment near the end of the song, although I’m having Carnival Ride flashbacks during the chorus. Like I said then…. Less is more. The lyrics are really cheesy, though.

So what do you all think? Did I get it right? Are there some songs you’d rate differently? What’s your favorite Carrie album? Comment and let’s chat about it! 🙂