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So, there has been a lot of Roseanne on TV lately. I, of course, am glued to the screen enjoying every second of them! As a child of the 80s, this one of my favorite shows. I loved the realistic way the Conners dealt with things. This wasn’t “Full House” where the kid would get grounded and then joke around with their parents.

No, the Conner kids got mad. Real mad. They stormed up the stairs, they yelled and acted like a lot of kids would in that situation. As parents, the Conners had to deal with the temper tantrums and I think they had some cool methods. Here are some of my favorite ways the Conners dealt with their kids…

1) DJ is bugging Darlene by putting his finger so close, he is almost touching her. Every time she tells him to stop, he keeps going and says, “I’m not touching you.” Finally, Darlene retaliates and DJ goes to Dan to complain by pointing out he never touched her. Dan just casually says, “Then it was hardly worth it, was it?” Kids love to pest and are a bit hard-headed. Letting DJ suffer the consequences of irritating a sister he should know better than to do that to, might make him think twice next time.

2) Becky is seeing Mark, even though Roseanne and Dan have said not to. Becky lies to her mother, claiming that she’s going to a friend’s house instead of where she’ll really be. She even gets a friend to cover for her. Well, Roseanne knows something is up and makes sure to call Becky’s friend every 15 minutes to ruin Becky’s fun before busting her when she gets home. Roseanne is, in Dan’s words, one step ahead of Becky the whole night. I love how she manages to keep tabs on Becky while simultaneously making Becky sorry she ever came up with the idea to start with. I mean, what’s more embarrassing than having to interrupt a date every few minutes to call home?

3) Becky and Darlene try and pull a fast one to get Roseanne’s permission to go to a concert, hurting her feelings and getting Dan angry. He, having been fighting with Roseanne over making her the bad guy a lot, decides to take charge and rips into the girls for being so thoughtless and rude. He then tells them they can take a little road trip after all: to grandma’s house, complete with garden club meetings and singing for her friends 🙂 A bit cruel, but it works!

4) Darlene gets a paper route that is way more than she can handle and the Conners let her deal with it on her own. The Conners don’t let Darlene make all kinds of excuses for why she failed at it. She messed up by not taking it more seriously and they made sure she knew it.

5) Darlene starts puberty and thinks she can’t do the same things she used anymore, so Roseanne has a talk with her. She let Darlene know that just because she’s going through some changes, it doesn’t mean she’s got to give up the stuff she loves. One of those rare sweet moments in the show.

So what are you favorite “Roseanne” parenting moments? Comment and let’s chat about it. Since it’s music day on my facebook page, I thought I would leave you with a song by the guy who sang the Roseanne theme. Enjoy!