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I hope you’ll all enjoy my guest for today, Lauren! I’m glad to have her back in honor of her upcoming release! I hope you’ll all enjoy this guest post, I know I did. Be sure to stop by her blog (linked below) to see what I had to say about some crazy plots… – Jamie

I happen to love all things freaky and fantasy all year round, but for  the rest of the population, fall, with its spooky holiday and eerily bare trees, seems to be the ideal season to get your freak on. Reading and writing fantasy fills much of my free time, but everyone has those nights when they just want to veg out in front of a movie or TV show. Luckily there’s been plenty of fantasy on the screen lately. But with the summer movies falling out of theaters like leaves falling from the trees and the True Blood vamps back in the coffin until next June, it’s time to sniff out a few new fantasy finds.

Here are my picks for fall. They’re not the top-billed fantasy films like The Hobbit or the eagerly anticipated TV shows like 666 Park Avenue. Nope, these are the fantasy picks you might otherwise skip. I’m here to convince you to give freaky a chance.


The Vampire Diaries on WB
Yes, this made-for-teenagers drama is occasionally campy with some questionable acting, but that’s all part of what makes it fun. The television show has borrowed the best characters from the book series it’s based on of the same name, and totally revamped (pun intended) the plot. Although I normally cringe when TV and movies do this, trust me, the writers of the show know what they’re doing this time.

Why it’s worth sinking your fangs into: the fresh take on vampire mythology, the time-period flashbacks which are both corny and offer great backstory, some good acting by the actors playing the ‘bad boys’ mainly Claus and Damon, and, oh, did I mention the eye-candy? We’re talking more treats than your Halloween haul.

Once Upon a Time on ABC
Like its competitor Grim, Once Upon a Time is a twisted fairytale show which in season one teetered between our modern world and the fairytale setting from which its character came. If you passed it up last season thinking it was some kids’ show, reset the DVR this fall. Though based on some of the best-known Grim’s tales, the show is not just a retelling of your childhood fairytales. It’s full of adult themes and is serious enough that even the men in tights won’t leave you laughing.

Why you ought to bite the poison apple: Though the acting overall is much better in this show, once again it’s the bad guys who shine. Performances by the actors playing Regina (the evil Queen) and Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) leave your skin crawling, in that really satisfying way that makes you hate them and love them all at once.


Breaking Dawn (part 2)
No, this movie didn’t really need to be in two parts. No, it will never win awards for the performances of its principal actors. But yes, I still plan to see it, if nothing else because these books were the first vampire stories I ever read. As an author of my own now, I owe a little allegiance to Stephenie Meyer. But there are other reasons, too.

Why you should sparkle in the sun one last time: The acting has improved. Really, it has. Considering some of the lines these actors are made to mutter, it’s a miracle they can keep a straight face at all. With this last film featuring the Volturi, played by actors with proven talent such as Michael Sheen, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Dakota Fanning, this last movie ought to top them all in this category. The special effects are also something to look forward to as they have improved in tangent with the films’ increased budgets. Oh, yeah, and then there’s more eye candy. Be they pale and golden-eyed or tan and topless, they’re worth a trip to the theater for.

Fall is brimming with full moons and crazy costumes. Embrace the freakishness of it all and try out a few new fantasy books, movies, and TV shows, that in a saner season you might have skipped. And thanks for having me today!


When Lauren Grimley isn’t watching teenage television shows, she’s writing or teaching in central Massachusetts. If she finds free time beyond these activities, she’s likely to spend it on a beach with a book and bottle of wine close by. Her first novel, an urban fantasy entitled Unforeseen, was e-published this spring and is being released as a paperback in early October. The second book in the series, Unveiled, is off to the publisher, while the third is being dragged, kicking and screaming, from Lauren’s imagination.

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