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(Team Jamie Vs. Team Michelle)

This year, I will be challenging the awesome Michelle Cornwell-Jordan to Virtual Voice. Since Michelle decided to try out The Voice for the first time this season, we thought it would be fun to build our own teams and so how far we go. How does it work?

There were eight blind audition episodes of The Voice this year. Michelle chose her team from the first four, and I chose mine from the last four. Each one of us got one team member from the other person’s episodes. Here is the team I built:

1) Cody Belew

2) Rudy Parris

3) Nathalie Hernandez

4) Sylvia Yacoub

5) Amanda Brown

6) Cassadee Pope

7) Alexis Marceau

8) Brandon Mahone

9) Diego Val

10) Suzanna Choffel

11) Kayla Nevarez

12) Joselyn Rivera

13) Beat Frequency

14) Benji

15) Ceclia Westbrook

16) Laura Viva

Each week, we’ll be watching to see how our teams do. Will Michelle pick the contestant who goes the furthest, or will it be me? Stay tuned! We’ll be posting weekly about our team’s progress, as well as chatting about it here and there on the Indie Review show. Check here to see who made Team Michelle.

So, who do you think has the strongest team? Is there anyone we didn’t pick you think should have made the cut instead? Comment and let us know!