For the final day of the Love Comes Later tour, I wanted to share some thoughts on the book. As you probably can tell by now, the book tells the story of a Qatari man named Abdulla. His pregnant wife died in an accident three years ago and his family believes it is time for him to marry again. The last thing he wants after his loss is to do this a second time, but he has run out of stall tactics. He’s happy to find out the cousin they have arranged for him to marry has insisted she wants to study in England for a year before they finalize the marriage. It allows him to avoid the inevitable for just a little longer.

Hind, his future wife, is just as unhappy about the match as he is and decides to make the most of her time abroad. She ends up making friends with a Hindu woman named Sangita and her brother. An impulsive decision to follow the brother on last-second adventure leaves Sangita in an awkward position when Abdulla arrives to see his future wife. The more time she spends with him, the more comfortable they become with each other. He begins to open up about the loss of his first wife and they form an unlikely friendship that hints at something more.

When Abdulla finds out that Hind has been alone with a man in another country, he is furious and calls off their impending wedding. He decides if he is going to be forced into a match, he’d much rather it be to Sangita. The only question is, will she agree to go with him? Would his family approve of a marriage to a foreigner?

I enjoyed getting this look into another culture and really felt for Abdulla. He’s struggling between his duty as a Qatari man to his family and his own wishes, trying to recover from a pain that is still all too real despite the years that have passed. While I didn’t like how he treated Hind later in the story, I understand it and found myself feeling for him a little more. She was in a bad position as well, but he was trying to find a better way to deal with it then running off with a stranger for a couple weeks. I couldn’t quite relate to Hind’s anger and pain over the situation because Sangita had warned her against going on her adventure. She’d known it would be bad if they were discovered and Abdulla was nice enough to allow her to be the one to break it off and tell people whatever she pleased.

I found Sangita to be a fun and feisty character. She tries throughout the book to be as good a friend to Hind as possible. She does everything possible to try and keep her friend from being found out while trying to ignore the attraction she’s starting to feel. Her relationship with her family, particularly, her brother comes across as genuine.

I thought Mohanalakshmi did a good job of building these characters and making them real. They have contradictions, they get angry. At the same time, they feel pain and regret over things that have happened. I did feel like the ending was a bit abrupt, but I enjoyed the book overall. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who’s interested in seeing how another culture works and enjoys good characters.

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About Love Comes Later: What if pursuing your happiness also meant your best friend’s disgrace? In Love Comes Later Sangita, Abdulla and Hind must chose between loyalty and love, traditional values and a future they each long to explore. Get it on Amazon.

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