Now this is a cool idea 🙂 I had the pleasure of beta reading one of the books and enjoyed it. Has anyone else read Night School? If so, what did you think?


Hey Fam:)Welcome to Ame’ Academy!…I am inviting you to go and check out the new Hunters Series Fan Club  on Goodreads and Facebook!




 Night School Vampire Hunter novella trilogy




What is it? Glad you asked:O)

Hunter Series Fan Club

Is a society of Hunters brought together through the Night School Vampire Hunter/Hunter Series novellas/books. As a Hunter you will have first dibs on awesome prizes,giveaways, and discounts on Hunter merchandise.

Also, as members you will receive fun facts, games and trivia on the Hunter series; plus see behind the scenes footage of video/photo shoots, pictures, trailers, music and all things related to the Night School Vampire Hunter/Hunter Series novellas and books!

PLUS in the Hunter Series Fan Club group, we can discuss all Hunter related topics essential to being a good Hunter

Happy Hunting!

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