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Hello again 🙂 Thought I’d give y’all a run down on my thoughts on another week of battles. You can see last week’s on my facebook page notes. I have to re-do the first two battle comments there, though. Sadly, I had a tech malfunction that messed it up. Anyway… here is what I thought of last night’s performances. Also, check the bottom of this post for an update of my battle with Michelle Cornwell-Jordan.

Alexis Vs. Daniel (Team Ceeloo):
They sang “What Do You Want From Me?” and they did an amazing job. I have to admit that I was pulling for Alexis to win and am so disappointed that Daniel was picked to move on, but I can’t hate on the choice.

Brandon Vs. Nicole  (Team Adam)
Another really incredible performance that had my biting my nails! Sadly, Brandon was not chosen or stolen, so that is two I lost tonight. “Ain’t No Moutain High Enough” was the perfect choice for these two.

Devyn Vs. Marissa Ann “Free Your Mind” (Team Xtina)
I think they did a really good job at one of my favorite EnVouge songs. I guess I should refrain on picking a winner since Michelle has a singer in this one (Devyn won) 🙂

I can’t really comment on any of the other battles, as they were not shown in full. There was a brief montage recapping three battles- winners are in bold: Brian Scartocci vs Loren Allred (Team Adam); Ryan Jirovec vs Cassadee Pope (Team Blake) and Samuel Mouton vs Joe Kirkland (Team Adam)

 So where do our teams stand now? I’ve lost four and have no one left for the remaining battles, while Michelle has lost two from her team and has four people still to battle it out.

Here is my team for the live rounds:

1) Cody Below

2) Rudy Parris

3) Sylvia Yacoub

4) Amanda Brown

5) Cassadee Pope

6) Brandon Mahone

7) Diego Val

8) Suzanna Choffel

9) Kayla Nevarez

10) Joselyn Rivera

11) Ceclia Westbrook

12) Laura Viva

Check Michelle’s blog for updates on her team. What do you think of this season so far? Do you think I have a great team, or are you leaning towards Michelle’s? What “voice” team are you aligning with? Comment and let’s talk about it!