Had to share this for all my fellow NaNo participants 🙂 Yes, I’ve experienced each one of these. LOL

Tracey Baptiste

So far, my method for getting ready for NaNoWriMo has been:

Stage 1: Hubris. (I’m absolutely going to come up with an idea this month AND organize it.)

Stage 2: Fear. (Why I got no ideas?)

Stage 3: Adrenaline. (I got an idea. Look! It’s so good! See how it squishes into Scrivener perfectly. If I keep waking up to work at 4 a.m. I will have an actual outline in days!)

Stage 4: Hubris revisited. (Yeah I got this. I got it so much in fact, I don’t even have to outline anymore.)

Stage 5: Fear. (Oh crap. November is next week?)

I believe there will be a stage 6. A candy-eating stage. Good thing the night before NaNo is Halloween. I hope my children won’t mind if I eat their stash.

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