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On my facebook page, I do a feature called “Freebie Friday” where I post free books or music from Amazon and other official sources. I was going through my inbox when I found an announcement about this group and their new video:

If you like the group’s facebook, you get to download this track for free. I already got mine and I’m curious to hear more of their material.

I don’t see anywhere to get this one for free, but I also got this video sent to me that I had to share. It’s a haunting track and I love the uniqueness of her voice:

So what do you guys think of these songs? Love em, hate em, no opinion? I’d love to hear it…. see ya next time! 🙂

As for anyone looking for my Voice recap, check back for a second post tomorrow all about it! I was going to post it tonight, but don’t have the notebook with me. Ah, the crazed life of a writer. I wonder if there’s a cure for author brain? Anyway…. check that and my review of War Stories tomorrow.