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Every writer will tell you that they’ve always had that dream in the back of their minds that one day their characters – the ones they love who’ve lived in their mind for a good, long time – would be up on the big screen charming viewers across the globe.

JK Rowling had that dream come true (as she should have) and literally cast the ‘only’ actors that could possibly play her much beloved characters. But when I step away from those wizards and witches and think about my angel/warrior team, I know that the actors will have to have that certain something in order to bring the pages to life.

This writer had the face in mind long ago; his name was Matthew Perry, yet he – like this writer, unfortunately – has aged a bit too far to be the warrior. Our character, Matthew, needs that kind, sweet face but also the charm that will pull at a female’s heartstrings. His eyes need to be as blue as Potter’s, but filled with a sense of knowledge that no young man that age would have.

In the world as it stands right now, Landon Liboiron (Degrassi: The Next Generation) is what I picture the warrior would be. Strong, determined, yet with an intensity and kindness in those bright baby blues that seem to say there’s something behind these eyes that you just wouldn’t believe.

When it comes to Matthew’s partner, we need that girl with the auburn hair (although, she can dye it if need be). She needs to have the more tortured look, seeing as that she’s the one who has to suffer a great deal at the hands of fate – and her own choices.

She must also play perfectly against her partner – have the love and friendship for him, but also be able to fight a battle with him that may or may not tear them apart for good (this is all in Gilded Wings, by the way). So for this role inside my head, I must now wish that Emma Stone was a bit younger – perhaps by about four years. Not only does she have the hair color, but she’s already proven to be a huge talent. So what happens when we need someone younger? Well…we can go two different routes here. One: We can do the JK Rowling move and audition and pick almost unknowns for the leads; or, we can have the fans vote for who THEY want to see. (I would pick the latter – which means it’s all up to YOU as to who Emily and Matthew would be as their lives unfold before your eyes.

So choose well, guys. I look forward to having that dream come true and I look forward to any suggestions you have! So put your thinking caps on!

What remains the same? Kiefer Sutherland has to be one of the ‘big guys.’ I mean, come on, wouldn’t YOU listen to a saint or archangel that had the voice of Jack Bauer? I know I would!

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